Claire Morgan is an artist born in Belfast and currently living in Newcastle. She is known for her sculpture made with taxidermy and plastic crumbs but also for her watercolor and more recently paintings. From her studio at home, she shares with us how she dealt with the lockdown and how it affected her creative process.
Her work gives importance to nature, death and time ; in the interview Claire Morgan talks about how she sees the world currently through her artist lens. She also talks about this crisis as an opportunity to experiment and accelerate an artwork’s evolution.
This episode will allow you to deep dive into a beautiful artist’s mind.

Claire Morgan : 

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Todd Hido is an American photographer known for his pictures of suburban landscapes taken during solitary, long drives. He also produced interior photos and portraits using a wide range of pros and amateur cameras. His style is summed up in one of his famous quotes “I shoot like a documentarian, but I print like a painter.”His photographs are in the permanent collections of the Getty, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, New York amongst many more.
We’ll discuss here about his creative process in general and under the lockdown as well as his experience with the situation. Moreover he Todd Hido will talk about his vision of photography and today’s society using the examples of Walker Evans or Dorothea Lange.

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Recorded on May 28th 2020

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Rajendra Roy is the Chief Curator of Film at the MoMa, he worked on exhibitions such as Wim Wenders, Tim Burton, Bruce LaBruce, Mike Nichols, and was a jury member or in the selection committee of numerous festivals such as Sundance, SXSW and the Berlin film festival.
The Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Film has one of the strongest international collections of motion pictures in the world, totaling more than 30,000 films between the permanent and study collections. (Films by artists like Fernand Léger, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol.)

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Recorded on May 5th 2020

Iván Navarro évoque dans cette dernière partie sa passion d’adolescent pour les concerts clandestins qui à l’époque étaient à la fois l’expression de la liberté artistique et une réponse au pouvoir en place. L’artiste pousse sa passion de collectionneur de bootleg et de vinyls jusqu’à lancer son propre label, Hueso Records, sur lequel il signe un groupe emblématique de cette période, les Pinochet Boys.
Il explique ensuite comment il a développé sa connaissance du Light Art au delà des images qu’il connaissait d’artistes comme Dan Flavin ou Keith Sonnier. Puis à quel point les voyages et sa découverte d’artistes tels que Meyer Vaisman ont pu élargir ses horizons et lui donner confiance en lui en tant qu’artiste.

Pour Iván Navarro, toute passion doit à un certain moment être abordée et approfondie sérieusement, c’est la clé pour en faire un art.

In this last part, Iván Navarro talks about his passion as a teenager for underground concerts which at the time were both an expression of artistic freedom and a response to the ruling power. The artist pushes his passion for bootleg and vinyl up to launch his own label, Hueso Records, on which he signs an emblematic group of this period, the Pinochet Boys.
He then explains how he developed his knowledge of Light Art beyond the images he knew of artists like Dan Flavin or Keith Sonnier. Then how much traveling and discovering artists like Meyer Vaisman would broaden his horizons and give him self-confidence as an artist.
For Iván Navarro, all passion must at some point be approached and deepened seriously, this is the key to making it an art.

Georgia Russell tells us about her relationship to her work and the long path she went through before getting any recognition. Art is something that you must do for yourself without looking for fame. And to keep going it has to enrich you and to give you pleasure. If art is doing you good, then it should be enough to satisfy you because you can’t expect things to happen. A career in art is not easy, there is more and more competition, and a young artist needs perseverance.
Georgia Russell’s art evolved through the years and she keeps challenging herself every time she feels too much in a comfort zone. She hopes that in those difficult time her art is able to give pleasure or joy to the audience. This is the best recognition she can wish for.

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Georgia Russell nous parle de sa relation avec son travail et du long chemin qu’elle a parcouru avant d’être reconnue. L’art est quelque chose que vous devez faire pour vous-même sans rechercher la gloire. Et pour continuer, il doit vous enrichir et vous donner du plaisir. Si l’art vous fait du bien, alors cela devrait suffire à vous satisfaire car vous ne pouvez pas vous attendre à ce que les choses vous arrivent. Une carrière dans l’art n’est pas facile, il y a de plus en plus de concurrence et un jeune artiste a besoin de persévérance.
L’art de Georgia Russell a évolué au fil des ans et elle ne cesse de se remettre en question chaque fois qu’elle se sent trop dans une zone de confort. Elle espère qu’en ces temps difficiles son art est capable de donner du plaisir ou de la joie au public. C’est la meilleure reconnaissance qu’elle puisse souhaiter.