Charlotte Dutoit is an entrepreneur and curator, founder of Justkids a women-led company that collaborates with artists (like Shepard Fairey, Vhils, Camille Walala, Felipe Pantone,  or Frank Stella…) to make public art, and curate festivals like Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas. Charlotte Dutoit also connects brands with artists for successful collaborations. In this episode, we will discuss how a company that makes outdoor exhibitions can deal with the pandemic situation. What is it to be a woman entrepreneur and how public art can be more inclusive. We also try to clear the debate about the use of art by brands and artists’ integrity.

Justkids :

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Augustine Kofie définit ce qu’est pour lui un jeune artiste et le travail qu’il doit accomplir. Depuis ses premières commandes, la première exposition à la Zero One Gallery qui a tout fait basculé jusqu’à l’artiste qu’il est devenu aujourd’hui, c’est en autodidacte qu’il s’est construit. Il partage enfin ses envies et l’évolution qu’il souhaite donner à son travail.

Augustine Kofie defines what a young artist is for him and the work he has to accomplish. Since his first commissions, the first exposure to the Zero One Gallery that changed everything to the artist he has become today, he built himself as a self-taught artist. He finally shares his desires and the evolution he wants to give to his work.