Todd Hido is an American photographer known for his pictures of suburban landscapes taken during solitary, long drives. He also produced interior photos and portraits using a wide range of pros and amateur cameras. His style is summed up in one of his famous quotes “I shoot like a documentarian, but I print like a painter.”His photographs are in the permanent collections of the Getty, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, New York amongst many more.
We’ll discuss here about his creative process in general and under the lockdown as well as his experience with the situation. Moreover he Todd Hido will talk about his vision of photography and today’s society using the examples of Walker Evans or Dorothea Lange.

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Recorded on May 28th 2020

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Todd Hido poursuit sur l’enseignement de son mentor Larry Sultan et sur la manière dont peu à peu il s’est affranchi pour définir sa propre voie. Il explique l’importance de cette liberté lorsqu’on est un jeune artiste et à quel point l’art peut être une série de décisions importantes.

Todd Hido continues on the teaching of his mentor Larry Sultan and how gradually he has freed himself to set his own path. He explains the importance of this freedom when we are a young artist and how art can be a series of important decisions.

Todd Hido dit souvent qu’il photographie comme un documentariste mais qu’il développe comme un peintre. Il explique dans cette vidéo tout le processus qui l’a mené à construire son style unique et sa manière de travailler. Il le doit notamment à plusieurs photographes : Roy DeCarava, John Goodman ainsi qu’à son mentor Larry Sultan.

Todd Hido often says that he photographs like a documentarian but that he develops like a painter. He explains in this video the whole process that led to build his unique style and way of working. He owes it to several photographers: Roy DeCarava, John Goodman and his mentor Larry Sultan.